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Recent trends and enhancements in AI for image generation have improved a lot in the field of digital art and technology. Specifically, the arrival of Leonardo AI, Midjourney, and other text-to-image AI have changed the era of digital art. Hugging Face is the open source AI language model, that uses text prompts for art generation. It is an open-source product developed by a community of developers that uses models, datasets, and applications of deep learning. AI Comic Factory by Hugging Face is also one of the web-based applications that has the main objective of generating Comics storyboard-styled art using text prompts. In this article, we will explore the features of AI Comics Factory and discuss its application of it.

How to Use AI Comic Factory

It is one of the web-based applications of Hugging Face, you can find the link to the application on the official page of Hugging Face. You will find the main canvas view in the Comic Factory, where the canvas is divided into Grids. You will find an area for story text prompts and the style of the Comic.

AI Comic Factory Hugging Face Interface

Follow these steps to create the Comics Artboard using AI Comics Factory

  1. Choose the style of the Comic art board. There are 13 styles of Comic provided, some of them are: Japanese style, modern American style, Egyptian style, etc. You can play around with different styles.

  1. The next one is the grid style for the comic board. There are 4 styles of grid in the Comic Factory.
  2. The most important is the storyboard. You can provide the text prompts of your imagination to generate the comic artboard. You can enable captions to the comics by toggling the caption button.
  3. After setting up everything, you can click the “Go” button to generate the artboard.
  4. There are options like Upscale, Save, and Print after the image is generated.

Application of AI Comic Factory

AI Comic Factory by Hugging Face is one of the leading AI-based web applications for generating your own comics and art. Some of the possible applications of this kind of AI Comic art are :

  1. Education: With the use of AI Comic Factory, you can learn about the different styles of Comics arts around the world. You can create your own comics with characters, layouts, storytelling, and genres so that you can quickly discover the learning of comic arts.
  2. Creative Expressions: You can use AI Comics Factory to create your own storyboards, characters, and animes. You can be as creative as a professional once you learn how to use AI Comic Factory.
  3. Entertainment: In the field of entertainment and content generation, AI Comics Factory can help you. Users can generate their own storylines with characters to have fun and share with their friends.

How AI Comic Factory Works?

AI Comic Factory is an open-source and free platform by Hugging Face which was developed to demonstrate the capabilities of Artificial intelligence models. It uses an LLM model called Llama- 2 70b to generate the descriptions of each grid. It uses a stable diffusion model based on SDXL 1.0 to generate images. The code is public and open to use, you can directly access the code at the official website of Hugging Face.

Limitations of AI Comic Factory

Some of the limitations of AI Comic Factory are :

  1. AI Comic Factory has a limited text prompt capacity which may not fit the user’s preferences.
  2. Across the different panels of the grid, AI may face difficulty in generating consistent and coherent images.
  3. Complex and Ambiguous scenario prompted by users may not be able to be handled by AI as it needs more context and background ideas.
  4. AI may generate unethical, inappropriate, and offensive content that may not align with the user’s expectations.


With the help of AI Comic Factory, you can generate your own style of comics art which has a huge scope in the entertainment and creative field. Brands can use the comic storyboard for the storytelling of their products and brand identity. With the enhancement of AI and machine learning models, It can be the future of Comic books. You can explore the features and parameters of AI Comic after reading this article.


What is the Future of AI Comic Factory

AI Comics Factory has already shown the full capacity of artificial intelligence to generate comics and generate art With the enhancement of deep learning technology, it will upgrade and will provide more advanced features like generating compelling stories, dynamic actions, and striking artwork.

Can I use AI Comic Factory to create animations?

It only generates still images of arts but not animations.

Can I use AI Comics Factory for Commercial Purposes?

On the official website of Hugging Face, there is no explicit mention of using AI comics in a commercial way.

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