A Step-by-Step Guide to Illusion Diffusion With Hugging Face

Illusion Diffusion is one of the most downloaded feature of Hugging Face. It can be accesses through the official website of Hugging Face. This feature allows users to generate very high quality images with input text in the form of abstract art. The generated images can be used for various purposes like creating product arts, generating realistic images and more. In this article we will learn about a Step by Step Guide to Illusion Diffusion with Hugging Face

What is Illusion Diffusion in Hugging Face?

Illusion Diffusion is a web application that uses deep learning artificial intelligence to generate realistic high quality images from text prompts and inputted images. Illusion Diffusion is based on the library called \uD83E\uDD17 Diffusers. This library is the collection of many pretrained diffusion models which has a capacity of generating audio, images and even 3d models.

With the help of Hugging Face Illusion Diffusion , users can generate optical arts with their own sketches and text prompts . Users can adjust many parameters like noise level, steps number and guidance strength. This web app will take some time for processing and generate you very high quality optical art of your prompts. You can easily download the generated images and share it in your social medias.

A step by step guide to use Illusion Diffusion

Illusion Diffusion feature by Hugging face has a very user friendly dashboard in which there are many options to control the parameter of the art.

Here is the step wise guide to use Illusion Diffusion:

  • Go to the Hugging Face website where you will find the space option of illusion diffusion or you can directly access the feature using the link Hugging Face Illusion Diffusion
  • Upload the image of your choice from your local drive and play around with the illusion strength to control the high quality output images.
  • Provide the positive and negative text prompts of your choice.
  • On the advanced option select the diffusion model and noise reducer.And at the end run the diffusion model. If the server is not busy, the processing will start quickly and your output image will be generated very fast. Otherwise an error message will pop up showing an application is too busy, try again.

Application of Illusion Diffusion

There are many application of illusion diffusion in various fields such as:

  1. Abstract art: Abstract art is the form of art that uses optical illusions to create visual presentation and effects. There is a huge scope of abstract art for branding , education and commercial purpose.
  2. Image manipulation : Image manipulation is the process of editing images and creating a new form of enhanced image to optimize the visual representation. Illusion diffusion can manipulate images to generate the most optimized conceptual image of the users.


This article has provided the step wise guide to use Illusion diffusion feature by Hugging face explaining the definition, how to use and application of it. With the technology of Illusion diffusion, the new era of digital art has begun and the world can enhance their brand identity with the application of it.

We consider that you had a great time reading this article and learned something interesting about the application of amazing artificial intelligence in image generation. We hope that you will try to play around the Ilusion Diffusion and have fun.

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