New Magic Features of Canva

In the competitive tech landscape, Canva has unveiled numerous cutting-edge features, such as AI-driven magic features. During its Canva Create virtual event, it demonstrated its commitment to staying ahead in the AI race by unveiling its new features and tools. 

The company has launched AI assistance that lets its users search the design element and also provides quick access to new features. The latest tools can recommend new styles and graphics that match the existing design. In addition to this, it provides quick access to select the features like Magic Edit, Magic Write feature, Beat Sync, etc. 

Canva Magic Write

Magic Write is accessible in all Canva projects, including presentations to graphics of social media and modes. Furthermore, it is also accessible in Canva Docs. 

canva new feature magic write
Magic Write AI Canva

It can be useful for writing websites and other presentation summaries. Magic Write can also be used in social media marketing to generate new strategies for the product launch. The additional advantage of this Magic Write is it is available in all 18 languages. Students can take advantage of this Magic Write for their educational purposes as it can easily provide written content effortlessly and quickly. Students can use their university email address to log in. This will provide them with a 1-year free subscription to canva pro through a student developer pack.

Canva Magic Edit Feature

The magic edit features add or replace anything in the image. With Magic Edit, you can pinpoint the location where you’d like to insert an element and describe it accordingly. Additionally, the new “Magic Eraser” feature enables you to remove undesired details from images by simply brushing over the targeted area.

Canva Magic Edit AI Feature
Canva Magic Edit AI

Utilizing Magic Edit, you can identify the spot to place an element and give a suitable and desired description. Plus, the newly added “Magic Eraser” function allows the easy removal of unwanted details in images by just brushing the specific area. Thus, the designer can take huge advantage of these new features in Canva.

We’re thrilled to announce that Magic Write is now available across the entire Visual Worksuite, including websites, presentations, social media, whiteboards, and more. Whether you’re simplifying a verbose website description or generating ideas for a strategy deck, there’s no need to change design types to develop your content.


Beat Sync

The new Beat Sync feature effortlessly aligns video clips with a suitable music track chosen by the user. Canva is introducing “Beat Sync,” a feature that automatically synchronizes video clips with a selected soundtrack, as well as a new “Translate” function that seamlessly converts text in designs to more than 100 different languages.

Text to Image Features

In addition to this, “Text to Image” is one of the key highlights of the update. With this, all you need to do is visualize the image, describe it, and you will have it. 

canva image to text
Canva text to image AI

Canva also offers ‘Alt Text’ functionality, allowing users to manually input additional context for images, enhancing their SEO-friendliness. Moreover, the platform has expanded its font library by adding 953 new fonts, including popular options like Arial, Courier, Helvetica, and Times New Roman.

Magic Presentation

Users just need to provide their concept in a few words, and the tool will intelligently generate a polished presentation slide deck. After the initial draft is created, users can refine and embellish their presentations as desired. 


Thus, in the running race on AI, Canva has also secured its position by bringing up the best AI features that could help all designers, market agencies, students, and business analysts. You can take full advantage of this Canvas’s new features.

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