Threads! Threads! Threads! – A real headache for Twitter??

The Real Threads is here!!

Mark Zuckerberg, who had not tweeted in 11 years, made his first post on Twitter to take a jab at Elon Musk.

Instagram has introduced a new app called Threads, which aims to compete with Twitter. The app is a text-based platform where users can post their thoughts and engage in conversations. It also allows users to make important announcements. 

threads for Instagram

It is a standalone app available on both Google Play and App Store. To start using it, users can log in with their Instagram username and easily import their bio, profile picture, and username. The user interface of Threads resembles Instagram, with sections for Home, Explore, Post, Notifications, and Profile. Instead of sharing photos, videos, and Reels, users can post tweet-like messages on the app. 

Instagram-verified users will also have their blue verification tick displayed on Threads.

The app bears a striking resemblance to Twitter, with similar features such as character limits, reposting, and a feed.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, millions of people have reportedly signed up for the app within just a few hours.

While it’s always advisable to be skeptical when tech CEOs claim large user numbers, it does seem like many people are already using it.

One reason for this early adoption could be the integration with Instagram. If you already have an Instagram account, you have the option to automatically “follow all” of your Instagram followers when you sign up for Threads. This seamless connection between the two platforms may have contributed to the app’s initial popularity.

Comparison of Threads with Twitter 

Below are some of the essential comparisons between Threads and Twitter.

Post Length500 Characters280 Characters
Direct Message (DM)NoYes
Trending StoriesNoYes
Videos5 mins2 min 20 secs

Mark Zuckerberg’s Official Response on Why He Copies Twitter!

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