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Hugging Face space allows you to create, host, and share your machine-learning models and applications for free. It allows anyone to effectively host their projects, making them instantly accessible to the public. It provides a user-friendly environment for developers and enthusiasts to showcase their creations and allows others to interact with them directly.

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LMSYS Chatbot Arena Leaderboard

Want to see how Large Language Models (LLMs) stack up? LMSYS Chatbot Arena is a free, crowdsourced platform where you can directly compare different models and contribute to their ranking! With over 1.1 million human votes on 96 models, the platform uses the Bradley-Terry model and Elo-scale to rank LLMs. The LMSYS Chatbot Arena goes a step further by introducing the concept of “Rank (UB)”. This refers to a model’s upper-bound ranking, essentially indicating the number of models it statistically outperforms. It’s calculated by considering the confidence intervals of each model’s score, ensuring a more robust ranking system.

The leaderboard is the heart of LMSYS Chatbot Arena. It displays the ranked LLMs, allowing you to compare their performance at a glance. For further exploration, the platform offers categorized leaderboards (think “coding ability” or “handling long user queries”). This lets you compare LLMs based on specific functionalities.

AI comic factory

AI Comic Factory Hugging Face
Prompt: “In the mountainous region of Nepal, three trekkers were scaling an uphill trail when one of them suddenly experienced breathing difficulties due to the high altitude. Consequently, the group had no choice but to abort their trek and return to the base camp for safety reasons”

AI Comic Factory is another space on Hugging Face that empowers you to be a comic book creator. Simply input your text and watch it transform into stunning visuals with various styles like Japanese Manga or Franco-Belgian comics. The platform offers four unique grid options, allowing you to split each panel into four sections and arrange them in dynamic layouts that best suit your story. Whether you prefer a single, impactful panel or a captivating multi-tiered structure, AI Comic Factory gives you complete control. Plus, Captions are optional, allowing you to add narration. The platform allows you to add up to six pages to your comic story, with each grid on every page being independently redraw-able and editable. You can choose from four available stable diffusion providers, with the default being Hugging Space’s server. Story generation offers similar flexibility: select the default Hugging Face server or explore alternative open-source models like Groq, Anthropic’s Claude, or OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Boasting a vibrant community of over 750 users, AI Comic Factory offers a glimpse into the future of comic creation. While its efficiency remains under development, it holds the potential to become a prominent comic generation tool. However, the impact on human comic artists is likely to be one of collaboration rather than replacement.

Illusion Diffusion

Illusion Diffusion unleashes your creativity by transforming ordinary photos into mind-bending illusions and captivating visual effects. Simply upload a photo and watch it warp into something extraordinary! Leverage text prompts to guide the AI toward your vision, specifying desired features or restricting unwanted elements. For even finer control, the “Illusion Strength” slider lets you adjust the intensity of the effect, while the “Guidance Scale” determines how closely the generated image aligns with your text prompt, offering total creative freedom or ensuring precise results.

Illusion Pattern
Photo Generated Using Illusion Diffusion

This dreamlike mountain landscape was generated using the Stable Diffusion model on Hugging Face, combining the illusory pattern and the prompt: ‘A breathtakingly beautiful mountain scene, with towering snow-capped peaks reaching into the clouds. Pristine alpine lakes reflect the majestic scenery, surrounded by lush green meadows and ancient pine forests. Wisps of fog swirl through the valleys, lending an ethereal quality.’


IDM-VTON, which stands for “Improving Diffusion Models for Authentic Virtual Try-on in the Wild,” is an AI model designed to create realistic images of people wearing different garments. You can either choose from the garments available at the space or upload your own piece of clothing that you want to try on your body. IDM-VTON analyzes garment images like a pro stylist with a keen eye for detail. It uses two separate tools: one to capture the overall design and color like an image recognition expert, and another to analyze fabric texture and wrinkles like a fabric connoisseur (using a U-Net architecture). This combined understanding allows for realistic placement of the virtual garment on the person’s body. Additionally, text descriptions and reference images can be provided to further customize the final output for a natural look.

Shirtless AI model
Virtual Dress Try on AI Model Using Hugging Space IDM-VTON

This jumpsuit was virtually tried on an AI model using the IDM-VTON


Image Recognition Using AI
Upon being asked to determine all possible values of x from the image above, Ideafics2 provided the following response:

This platform on Hugging Face lets you interact with Idefics2, a cutting-edge multimodal AI assistant. Go beyond simple conversation! Ask questions, provide feedback, or explore a variety of activities to personalize your experience. Unlike traditional chatbots, Idefics2 boasts image recognition capabilities. Upload an image of a product and have Idefics2 craft an engaging advertisement. Struggling with a math problem? Simply upload a picture of the equation and let Idefics2 assist you in finding the solution.

Idefics2 utilizes a combination of natural language processing (NLP) for comprehending your questions and instructions, and computer vision capabilities to analyze images you upload. By working with both text and visual data, Idefics2 can decipher the content of your image (like a math equation or product photo) and integrate that understanding with your spoken or written request. This allows it to perform tasks like solving problems or generating creative text formats (like advertisements) based on the combined information.

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